Visualisation of selected animal laws



As a person to whom the fate of animals is not indifferent I realized that the animals suffer in silence which I experienced multiple times while volunteering at Psia Ekipa Foundation – Razem dla zwierząt in Bielsko-Biała.

Observation of inhumane actions against pet animals, opinions that justify their objectification and the government reaction to reports about violation of laws that are supposed to protect pet members of our families became a major impulse for me to deepen the knowledge about sociology of law and to find answers to many questions that begin with “Why?”.

Independently from being advocate of the beings which we tamed, the law degree enabled me to find a new perspective and have a closer look on the subject, thereby claiming responsibility for the pets’ fate.


Binary framework of legal standards is not all in black-and-white but should rather be interpreted as a whole greyscale. The justice lies in the middle.


The research

The project consists foremost of extensive research, acquiring knowledge on multiple dimensions, observation of human behavior based in communication and understanding of the content conveyed in verbal, written, graphical forms. It was important to dive into factors such as tradition, education, age and place of residence have influence on individuals’ way of living. The project is also supported by examples of criminal cases set up by animal abuse of polish citizens and attitude of polish law enforcement towards penalization of such violations.



  • Moral status and abilities of animals and heir relationship to religious tradition, origin and domestication of dogs.

  • History overview of animal law and it’s modern perception.

  • Development of humanitarian animal protection in context of polish legislation and pet animal laws.

  • Consciousness of law and factors affecting it’s development in society.

  • National jurisdiction showing how Polish abuse animals and State body attitude towards law violations.

  • (Huge thanks to Foundation Czarna Owca Pana Kota i Stowarzyszenia Ochrony Zwierząt Ekostraż for their support in preparing and sharing reports and resources created during watchdog campaigns.

  • History of symbol as a communication device, it’s meaning and convention.

  • Visuality to law relationship and communication issues emerging between conveyed by picture or written form.


The “side” effect

The culmination of dissertation counting over 200 pages was to design graphic symbols (picto- and ideograms) based on Statute from 21st of August 1997 about animal protection (pol. “Dz. U. Nr 106, poz. 1002”) appealing to laws of pet animals which was represented in my work as a dog.


Along the thread to the ball

Law visualisation project is still under development. One of the ideas for further progress is to create a educational platform integrated with digital database of animal shelters in whole Poland granting the ability to report that a pet is missing, up for adoption, quick contact with a dedicated veterinarian, overview of a pets’ medical documentation and last but not least reporting a crime with intervention request.