Good to see you!

I’m glad you could make it. I’d like to invite you to explore my art which I create via diverse set of mediums.

Who am I?


The aesthetic close to my heart which is inseparable part of my paintings. Square – perfect geometric figure.


The mysterious ingredient, allowing my paintings to express themselves differently each day, at different hours.


It speaks to my soul. I realized that sparing the complexity of elements, form and timbre can build profound relationship and tells everlasting story.


The effect which I strive to achieve by combining all previous aspects, not only to express it via the medium, but also in relationship with the receiver – you.


Simple forms are not modern - they are timeless.

In my work I use simple color palette, composed in a way to reinforce the effect of elegance, nobility and - so dear to me - Geometry.



Symmetrical Magnetism

Square - love expressed in 360° 

The project represents evolutional creative process that's heading towards the intermedial concepts with intertwining motifs of paper art, game of chance and photography. The content represents a record of art studies results and the crowning effect of the project combines the book-object, domino and a jigsaw puzzle.



Law visualisation

Project born from the need of the heart, being a part of my dissertation and represents chosen legislations by usage of pictograms. The Projects main goal is to raise awareness about fundamental rights of pet animals.

Project used by non-profit organisation "Fundacja Psia Ekipa" from Bielsko-Biała.

law visualisation

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